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Psychic & Spiritual Healer

Stephanie Miller


Below you will find a list of the few different types of readings she offers.

Your First Reading is $10 off

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All readings are not on a timer. There is no specific sat length for any session or reading.


Tarot Card Readings

Each have different layouts.

  • Tricky $75 - Cards tell what they want in this reading. Nothing specific and not everything will be told, thats why its tricky. And fun to see what the cards have to say
  • Specific In-depth $100 (Note: Choose one - Love, Relationship, Family or Career) Tells everything about the area chosen. Its popular with regulars and those not looking for other information.
  • Full Life $150 - Covers all areas and for any reason it does not, it also includes 3 questions at the end of the reading just to make sure of it.

Palm Reading $85

Beginners - About self 

This reading is usually short and general, doesn't go very deep into details.

Its good for first timers and for those not looking for any deep details.

Energy Healing - Varies per customer

Each healing is different for each individual

Not all of us have the same problems, situations or voids - So to have a sat prices would not be right. Free consultations can be done over the phone. She always suggest coming in for a reading so she can see the whole situation and give you the very best advice on how to go about fixing the issue at hand.