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Stephanie's Price’s 

50% OFF tarot readings during
Mercury retrograde August 23rd thru September15th

New Customers only

Tarot Card Reading's


Cards will tell what they want to in this reading. Usually covers current events. Includes 1 question. 20-30 minutes.


Specific Area

Choose one area: Love, Relationship's or family. Cover's and tells all of area chosen.

No questions included.

Popular with regulars. 20-30 minutes


Full Life

Tell's Past, present & future.

Also includes 3 question's

at the end of the reading. 30-45 minutes


Other Reading's

Palm Reading

Short and general. Not very deep detailed and good for first timers doing it for fun.

10-20 minutes


Psychic Reading

This reading doesn't use the cards or requires looking at your hands, its strictly using your name, birthdate and energy.

20-30 minutes


Past Life Regression

This is a reading on all past lives.

Requires 3 days for turnaround.


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