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ABOUT Lake Nona Psychic


Welcome to 

The Lake Nona Psychic's Website

If you're seeking answers to life's most pressing questions, look no further than Lake Nona Psychic. As a love expert and spiritual healer, I use a range of tools and techniques to tap into my clients' unique needs and offer guidance that's tailored specifically for them. I bring years of experience and a deep sense of connection to my readings, going above and beyond to ensure that every client leaves feeling enlightened and empowered. Call today to schedule a session and experience the life-transforming benefits of psychic insight and spiritual healing.


About Lake Nona Psychic

At Lake Nona Psychic, my goal is to guide individuals towards a happy and fulfilling life. I use my generations-old spiritual healing abilities and wellness expertise to help people around the world. My passion for helping others and bringing harmony to their lives has been growing since I was young. My love for my craft drives me to provide the best services possible to all those who come to me. Whether you're experiencing love problems or just need some guidance on your path in life, I'm here to help guide you.
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Lake Nona Psychic - Nicole

is registered and licensed Psychic.


She is a certified

spiritual healer.


As well as an

ordained minister.


Nicole has been reading friends and family since she was little, clients for over 10 years professionally and has been helping clients from all over the world for over 20 years and has yet to fail a client.

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